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Effects Artist from ‘The Walking Dead’ Helps Recreate Shark Bite [VIDEO]

shark bite

Greg Nicotero discusses shark bites and lends his expertise in recreating one on an audience member. 

Even small shark bites cause massive amounts of damage, but not all sharks mean to be aggressive. Curious sharks do not have hands to explore their surroundings, so they use the only thing they can: their teeth.

Luckily, most of us have never seen a shark bite up close. Thanks to legendary special effects creator Greg Nicotero, we get to see what a shark bite might look like.

He lends a helping hand to another effects artist on Shark Week’s “Shark After Dark” to recreate a shark bite on an audience member.

I am a huge fan of Nicotero’s work on “The Walking Dead” and the other shows and films he previously worked on. It is simply amazing. He does his research before creating one of his masterpieces to make sure it is as realistic as possible.

The shark bite looked incredibly real, and it even gushed leftover fake blood when they poked it. I don’t think we ever want to get any closer than this!

I have great respect for the ocean and all the creatures living in it. While a lot of people’s greatest fear is being bitten while in the water, we have to understand we are stepping into the sharks’ territory.

Sometimes they get curious about the things splashing around in the water, or they might mistake a human for their other prey.

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Effects Artist from ‘The Walking Dead’ Helps Recreate Shark Bite [VIDEO]