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Wal-Mart is Phasing out Sales of AR-15s, Starting Now


Wal-Mart is phasing out sales of assault rifles effective immediately.

Wal-Mart confirmed Wednesday they will no longer sell AR-15s or modern sporting rifles and will phase out sales in stores over the next couple of weeks.

The announcement comes as stores are reset with fall merchandise. AR-15s and other assault rifles will be replaced with shotguns and other weapons for hunting. They also report that the move has nothing to do with gun politics.

“This happens to get more attention because of what the product is,” Kory Lundberg, Walmart spokesman said.

Instead, Lundberg says the decision was made because there was less consumer demand for the rifles. Additionally, he said the company has been working to phase out sales of them for some time now.

Quartz reports that less than a third of Wal-Mart stores actually carry firearms now. The company had already stopped selling handguns and high-capacity magazines.

The announcement is likely to raise some eyebrows among gun supporters, as Wal-Mart is the largest seller of firearms and ammunition in the United States. Although, it seems to fall in line with what the company has said in the past.

Wal-Mart has previously stated they were committed to selling firearms in their stores as long as there was demand.

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Wal-Mart is Phasing out Sales of AR-15s, Starting Now