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Wait ‘Til You See the Tiny Stealth Bicycle Camper This Guy Calls Home

When you see the inside of this little bicycle camper you’ll believe that people really can live in tiny spaces!

Designer Paul Elkins decided that micro-camping was for him way back in 2002 and he’s never looked back. This year he began to build a new and improved model that would and could be a nomadic tool for his traveling heart.

As reported, his decision to make a ‘stealth camper’ and make it affordable began with a design based in part on the Airstream model. Using some high-tech materials such as four recycled plastic leftover campaign signs, a used bike, six pine planks, screws, duct tape, and even zip ties he constructed the brand new, state-of-the-art bicycle ready mini camper that you’re about to see in this video.

Put your helmet on and relax for a few minutes.

He calls this home away from home the “Micro Airstream Bike Camper” and it only cost $150!

It weighs a mere 60 pounds, has a butane stove, bread pan sized sink, shelves for food storage and clothing, a bed, windows, and even LED lighting. There’s a skylight made from a one gallon plastic tub, it has bubble insulation, an MP3 player, and yes a pee jug.

While there’s no word at this time if he’s ever tried to fit more than one person aboard this luxury yacht on wheels, there can be no question as to how ingenious this little invention is!

Cheers to Mr. Elkins for sharing his bicycle camper with us and let it be known that we’re waiting to see the next phase in his never-ending quest to build the perfect micro camper!



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Wait ‘Til You See the Tiny Stealth Bicycle Camper This Guy Calls Home