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Wait Until You Hear What the Lyrebird Can Mimic [VIDEO]

The lyrebird is a master at mimicking the calls of other birds, but you’ll be shaking your head when you hear the other sounds that it can imitate.

To attract a mate, the male lyrebird finds an open spot in the forest and begins to sing the most complex song that it can manage. Trying to outdo its rivals can be a big job, but this particular bird has an advantage.

Centuries of evolution has come up with a bird that can precisely copy the sounds that it hears in the jungle. Not just other birds, they even mimic things like… a chainsaw??

Check out the amazing sounds that this bird can make.

The lyrebird is a ground-dwelling resident of Australia’s rainforest region, particularly Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. A shy and retreating bird, the lyrebird can be hard to approach, but luckily this one was more than happy to oblige.

Can you believe the sounds that this bird could mimic? Other birds’ calls I can understand, but an automatic camera shutter? How about a car alarm??

Were our ears deceiving us or did that bird really just make a rip-cut sound like a chainsaw?

Well, if David Attenborough says so, then I’m convinced.

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Wait Until You Hear What the Lyrebird Can Mimic [VIDEO]