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Wahoo Jump Like Crazy for These Kite Baits


You won’t believe just how high a wahoo will jump when presented with a kite bait!

Topwater fishing, in both fresh and saltwater, offers a huge fishing thrill. Watching a hungry fish explode on a bait or lure floating on the surface is an adrenaline rush for any angler. However, the wahoo takes topwater strikes to a new level both literally and figuratively.

Fishing with kite baits is a popular way to fish for wahoo, which is in the mackerel family. A live bait is attached to a hook and cast into the ocean on a line with a small kite attached. The kite catches the ocean breeze and keeps the bait splashing right on the surface.

That is when wahoo move in for the kill.

In this video, a wahoo is filmed catapulting itself approximately 30 feet in the air after striking a bait. The anglers on the boat all erupt in a cheer at the sight and you might too when you watch this amazing video from Inside Sportfishing.

The fish in the video, which was caught in the Pacific Ocean near Mexico’s Socorro Island, was over 50 pounds and 5 feet in length. That makes the jump even more remarkable and amazing if you ask me!


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Wahoo Jump Like Crazy for These Kite Baits