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Waders Can Be the Best (or Worst) Part of a Fishing Trip

One simple piece of gear can turn wader safety into a no-brainer.

As an avid fly fishermen and a professional fly fishing instructor and guide, I love my waders. I really do!

But most fly fishermen tend to forget that waders have a hidden dark side that they patiently hide from us until we make the mistake of inadvertently taking a dip with our waders on.

Then, their dark side suddenly rears forth from the depths where it has lain hidden and does its level best to drag us under!

You know, when we suddenly encounter that hidden rock mid-stream and find ourselves doing the “rock dance.” We flail and gyrate ourselves into all sorts of contortions and then compound our ignominy by falling in the bloomin’ water, only to fill our waders with cold, heavy, water. What, that’s never happened to you?

By making use of one simple device, we can tame this unruly beast and make our waders behave as they should.

In all honesty, it could be a life saver. Instances of death have occurred and were completely preventable with this one little thing that most wading fishermen forget.

So, what is this simple device that I have so mysteriously mentioned? Well, its a wader belt; a simple nylon belt worn over your waders, snugly against your waist, so that it prevents water from rushing into the legs of the waders when you accidentally fall in.

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Thus, by limiting the water’s ingress to the chest section of your waders, you give yourself a fighting chance to recover your balance or swim out instead of drowning.

So, for all of you fly fishermen out there who hate seat belts as much I do, it is important to remember that “wader belts save lives.” It is imperative that you buckle up each time you don your waders.

Any other pieces of advice for the fishermen out there who favor their waders?

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Waders Can Be the Best (or Worst) Part of a Fishing Trip