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Wacky Whitetails: 10 Antlered Does You Have to See to Believe


Antlers are fascinating pieces of nature, but when does grow them, it’s even more intriguing. 

Does with antlers are considered to be pretty rare in nature and captivity. In fact, some say that only 1 in 5,000 chance of a doe having antlers while others state its around a 1 in 1,000 chance.  Since it’s pretty rare, we’ve accumulated 10 pictures of antlered does so everyone can check out these whacky whitetails.

According to Missouri Department of Conservationist, Emily Finn, there are three types of antlered does.

The first is does with abnormal levels of testosterone and typically grow smaller antlers and are still able to reproduce. The second would include deer that are potentially male, but have some female features and grow full natural antlers. Lastly, are the hermaphrodites. These deer have both male and female organs. They usually grow abnormal racks and sometimes maintain velvet late into the fall.

1. Kansas doe with 8 point antler set


That’s one solid rack on that doe. No pun intended.

2. Doe with 14 point antlered set

antlered doe

This buck was shot in Kentucky during the 2014 firearm season.

3. Antlered doe shot on public ground in Georgia

antlered doe shot in geogria
Twitter/Bryan Allgood

This doe made waves when a photo of it surfaced on Twitter in Georgia.

4. Classic 30 point antlered doe

Heartland Outdoors

Considered to be one of the biggest recorded antlered does, this lady was shot in Illinois during the 2001 firearm season. When people hear about an antlered doe, this deer often comes to mind. The deer was estimated to be around 4.5 years old.

5. Missouri velvet antlered doe

velvet antlered doe

This doe was shot in 2011 during the Missouri firearm season. The whacky antlered deal still had its velvet and therefore, it’s likely the deer was a hermaphrodite.

6. Another Missouri antlered doe

missorui antelred doe

Mark Ortiz shot this ‘Type 2’ antlered doe during the 2011 season

7. 10 point doe shot in Michigan

whitetail doe MI

In 2010, Jerry White shot a doe that is considered to be an XXY deer, meaning it had an extra chromosome.

8. 27 point antlered doe

kansas antlered doe
buck manager

A hunter thought he harvested a “buck” of a life-time, but after turning it over to field dress, Mike Smith found it was a doe. Talk about a plot twist.

9. Maine hunter shoots nice-sized antlered doe

antlered doe

John Burdick shot this antlered doe in 2014 during the Maine firearm season. It field dressed out at 185 pounds.

10. Indiana antlered doe shot in 2015

indiana whitetail
Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife

Garyle Johnson shot a full velvet whitetail antlered doe on the opening day of firearm season in Indiana.

Have you ever seen an antlered doe with your own eyes? These abnormal whitetails are pretty amazing feats of nature. Do you think there are more antlered does that are shot and people don’t even notice the anatomical difference?


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Wacky Whitetails: 10 Antlered Does You Have to See to Believe