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Wacky Bobber Rig for Dog Day Summertime Bass [PICS]

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Doing what others aren’t is often the ticket to catching summertime bass.

By now, most have figured out how powerful a wacky rigged worm can be. They tend to be especially dangerous on heavily fished waters. By the time summer rolls around, most places have been hit pretty hard and this is the time a wacky rig shines.

However, during the heat of the day on a dog day afternoon, bass tend to be fairly sluggish waiting on the evening. This alternative technique to a wacky rig slows the retrieve down even more and is a flat-out killer for summertime bass.

Bass Fishing and Catching
  • To start this technique out, find a water bobber. If you aren’t familiar with one of these, a simple slip bobber could work, but I prefer to use an inline bobber that is designed to be casted and retrieved like the A-Just-A-Bubble.
  • Next, thread the water bobbed on the line above your hook to whatever depth you want your wacky worm to be fished.
  • Finally, rig the worm and work it slowly around cover, docks, weeds, or rocks. The water bobber will keep the worm suspended longer and allow for a much slower retrieve so you can get hooks into a sluggish summertime bass.

If you happen to live near a few farm ponds, or maybe even neighborhood retention ponds, make sure you try this technique ASAP. You can thank us later.

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Wacky Bobber Rig for Dog Day Summertime Bass [PICS]