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Washington Fisherman Reels in Record 124-Pound Halibut Catch

A  34-year-old man hooked in a record- breaking 124-pound halibut while fishing on his kayak in Makah Bay, Washington, on May 14 2016. 

On May 14, 2016, a Washington angler caught a massive halibut while kayak fishing. His prized halibut catch-a hefty 124-pounds-is now considered the largest halibut caught from a kayak in the continental United States.

Leo Vergara, 34, is not a professional angler. He drew his inspiration to go kayak fishing from reading the local blog and watching YouTube videos of a local fisherman who previously caught an 80-pound halibut in the same location. He caught his monster halibut catch from a 12-foot Hobie kayak.

"I was reading a blog about Brad Hole and how he caught an 80-pound halibut off Makah Bay and that's what got me started," Vergara said to Herald Net.

"No, I had no experience at all, I had never been on a boat in my life," Vergara, a native of the landlocked Mexican state of Querétaro said. "I took sea kayaking lessons. They teach you safety and how to navigate in the water."

"I thought I'd snagged the bottom," Vergara told "But when I yanked on my line and it vibrated back I knew I'd hooked a fish. This was my first halibut season, so I no idea what to expect. I grabbed the rod with both hands and got it up to about 60 feet, but it went right back to the bottom. I slowly managed to pump it up again, praying the 35-pound braid wouldn't break."

Vergara further describes the adrenaline rush he got when the halibut tugged on his line.

"I was trolling slowly with the current, felt the line get stuck on the bottom, grabbed it with one hand and tried to pull up, but the line shook, so I thought, 'Oh, this is a fish,' and my adrenaline started pumping and I got all excited," Vergara said.

As a result of his halibut catch, Vergara gifted 15 fish steaks to friends and family.

Imagine catching a fish of those epic proportions? This fisherman should be applauded for landing a catch-of-a-lifetime--even though the rest of us are jealous of him.


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Washington Fisherman Reels in Record 124-Pound Halibut Catch