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Volvo Has Built a Large Animal Detection System into New Model

large animal detection
San Francisco Gate

Would you buy a vehicle with a large animal detection system?

Vehicles are packed with more and more advanced technology these days, from back-up cameras to the latest global positioning systems.

Swedish car manufacturer Volvo is introducing something new: a “large animal detection system” in their new S90 sedan according to the San Francisco Gate. The new feature isn’t much of a surprise considering Sweden’s high moose population. The San Francisco Gate says car-moose collisions can be as high as 4,500 accidents a year.

With recent photos hitting the internet illustrating the terrifying aftermath of such accidents, it’s no wonder car makers would start trying to cover all their bases in the interest of safety.

The system apparently works with a radar/camera unit that detects and sends a warning to the driver of an animal in the roadway or on the shoulder. The car even reacts if the driver does not. The car will automatically apply brakes or tighten seat belts if the collision cannot be avoided.

It’s an interesting idea for sure. It will remain to be seen if other auto makers adopt the idea and build similar features into their vehicles.

What do you think? Would you pay extra for this feature in your next vehicle?

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Volvo Has Built a Large Animal Detection System into New Model