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A Volunteer Army Is Hunting Florida’s Invasive Burmese Pythons [VIDEO]

Invasive pythons are destroying south Florida’s wildlife, but a volunteer force is dedicated to stopping them.

Burmese pythons were unintentionally introduced to Florida’s ecosystems years ago. Today, the invasive snakes are rampant in south Florida’s ecosystems, particularly the Everglades.

The pythons are apex predators that eat everything from rabbits to alligators. It’s hard to control their numbers because they reproduce at an astounding rate, and they are hard to find in the wild.

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That’s why Florida snake experts are training volunteers for the Python Patrol, a volunteer force dedicated to capturing the snakes. But it’s no easy task capturing a burmese python.

This video from TIME profiles the Python Patrol and Florida’s invasive python problem at large.

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To learn more about Florida’s Burmese python problem, check out TIME’s cover story “Invasive Species, Coming to a Habitat to You”.

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A Volunteer Army Is Hunting Florida’s Invasive Burmese Pythons [VIDEO]