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Vladimir Putin's Tiger Filmed Feasting on Pet Dog in China [VIDEO]

Daily Mail

A Siberian tiger released into the wild by Russian President Vladimir Putin was filmed eating a family's pet dog in northern China.

On Wednesday morning, the tiger devoured a domestic dog near a village on Heixiazi Island, located between china and Russia, according to media reports.

The tiger, named Kuzya, headed back across the border to Russia after feasting on the dog. Kuzya is one of the three Siberian tiger cubs found starving in a Russian forest two years ago. The cubs were relocated to a wildlife rehabilitation center in east Russia's Amur region, where they were released into the wild by Putin last May.

Kuzya and another cub named Ustin fled to northern China in search of food, where they have been blamed for killing livestock near villages.

Here is the trail camera footage of Kuzya chowing down on the dog.

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According to the Daily Mail, the Chinese government in Beijing has promised Russia that they will protect the wandering tigers, despite the attacks.

The Chinese are cooperating with the Russians because wild Siberian tigers are a rare and declining species. Experts estimate there are less than 500 Siberian tigers in the world.

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Vladimir Putin's Tiger Filmed Feasting on Pet Dog in China [VIDEO]