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VL92 Gin & Tonic Emergency Kit Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

VL92 Gin

Not recommended for your actual survival kit, but this gin & tonic mix may find a place with your gear.

You probably remember the great scene in Dr. Strangelove where Slim Pickens runs through the contents of the standard-issue survival pack in preparation for a crash-landing behind enemy lines. “Shoot, a fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff,” he punchlines, after reciting a list that includes morphine, pep pills, sleeping pills, one-hundred dollars in gold, combination bible and “roo-shan” phrasebook, and one issue prophylactics. Rumors have circulated for years that it’s a fairly accurate representation of a contemporary Air Force survival kit. It’s missing just one thing—fine mixed drinks.

Enter the VL92 Gin & Tonic Emergency Kit. Strictly speaking, this isn’t exactly the D-Ration of cocktails; it’s a package deal of VL92’s gin and Fentiman tonic, thrown together with some clever branding. It probably isn’t a good substitute for a survival blanket. But intended or not, it does have some advantages for packing-in. It’s a pretty convenient size, the packaging is actually pretty handy, and the mixing instructions are printed on the package in case you’re stranded without a bartender. A fella could have a pretty good weekend just about anywhere with all that stuff.

VL92 Gin

As for the gin itself, VL92 is a bit non-traditional. Their gin claims to be more closely related to genever, the dutch spirit from which gin originated. Whereas most gin today is boiled down into a neutral grain spirit and then distilled again with flavorings, VL92 is distilled from malt wine, with large doses of other flavoring agents thrown in. The paired tonic, Fentiman’s, adds lemongrass to the quinine bark base, giving it a little extra zest. Whether or not that sounds like it’s up your alley, it’s a unique trail experience waiting to happen.

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VL92 Gin & Tonic Emergency Kit Is Exactly What It Sounds Like