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How Vision Can Affect Your Ability to Spot Big Game

What’s most vital to your capability to spot big game? Isn’t it obvious?

How many of us can relate to this: you are out hunting for a trophy elk in the thick, dense forest of the western U.S. Suddenly, you see something moving among the trees and brush.

Are those antlers moving or just tree branches shaking in the wind? Maybe it’s neither; you just can’t tell.

In that case, it probably is not a great idea to just shoot at that distant object and see what happens.

As you can see, vision problems can make hunting difficult. The sport of hunting game can be fun and satisfying, especially when you take home big, edible game. This sport, like all sports, requires excellent vision in order to be successful. We’d like to explain some reasons why vision problems are bad for your hunting hobby:

Camo Works Both Ways

As you know, big game tends to be great at camouflaging itself. When your vision is less than clear, your ability to distinguish objects from their surroundings is diminished. With excellent eyesight, even the best natural camouflage will seem like an ineffective trick.

Image via Royce Blair 
Image via Royce Blair 

Because many big game tend to be active in the early hours of the day, many hunters wisely take this time to go out to hunt. Unfortunately, the low light of early morning hours can make those with poor vision experience even worse vision. Eyesight depends on light, after all. When light is low, vision problems are magnified.

Fumble in the Field

While glasses might seem like a solution to this problem, glasses and hunting do not go hand in hand. Glasses can fall, especially if you are moving quickly. They can also irritate your nose and cause itching, which is not ideal in the moments when you need to stay perfectly still and quiet. Worst of all, it is difficult to look into a scope and almost impossible to wear a hunter’s mask while using glasses. Big game may not even register in your vision without glasses, but are glasses a good solution?

Also, it is difficult to care for contact lenses if you are in the field. How can you rinse out contact lenses and reapply them with clean hands if you are in the middle of the forest? What do you do when your contacts start causing irritation, redness, and itching in your eyes? How can you deal with solution, your case, and other contact lens needs if you decide to camp?

As with just about everything, these vision problems have a solution. Consider LASIK surgery as a permanent solution to your vision problems and as a permanent aid for hunting game. Many surgeons can offer LASIK for just about everyone. Find out as soon as possible if you are a good candidate for this surgery.

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How Vision Can Affect Your Ability to Spot Big Game