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Virginia Man Charged for Slashing a Hound with a Machete During a Deer Hunt

hound slashed with machete
Dameon Brooks

Richmond County man faces animal cruelty charges after slashing neighbor’s deer hound with a machete.

A deer hunt went horribly wrong on the afternoon of December 17 when Dameon Brooks’ beloved 9-month-old hound, ‘Butch,’ was severely injured in a machete attack. Brooks’ neighbor, Cortland Daniel McBeth, was charged December 19 with animal cruelty and impending a hunt.

During the hunt in Richmond County, Virginia, McBeth was seen with a machete, and shortly after, ‘Butch’ was found with a deep laceration to his side. A concerned member of the hunting group confronted McBeth at this point. According to Brooks, McBeth says he slashed the dog as he was protecting his livestock and didn’t want it on his property.

“The guy was like ‘What, yeah, I hit one of your dogs with a machete. I don’t think I killed him but I got him pretty good with the tip of the machete.'”

Butch was taken to the Warsaw Animal Clinic, where he underwent surgery.

“I just want justice for the dog, the dog does not deserve this. My dogs are my children,” said Brooks. “He’s not himself. He’s in a lot of pain. I would hate to see another dog owner go through what I’m going through.”

Butch’s prognosis is unknown at this time, as is whether he will ever hunt again.

As of press time, McBeth has been released from jail on a secured bond.


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Virginia Man Charged for Slashing a Hound with a Machete During a Deer Hunt