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Virginia Hunters Rally to Support Use of Hunting Dogs

Rally To Support Hunting With Dogs

Hunting with dogs is a tradition that hundreds of Virginia hunters gathered to support, shown in this sea of orange hats.

Hundreds of hunters gathered at the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries after hearing that there was going to be a vote to ban hunting with dogs.

The potential ban or imposition of regulations on hunting with dogs definitely incited the Virginia hunters that attended what could be seen as a town hall meeting.

As it turns out there was never going to be a vote on banning the use of dogs while hunting deer, but rather a request by the Blue Ridge Lane Conservancy to look into the impact on deer population.

In addition, the Virginia Landowners Association has also expressed some concern about dogs going onto private property that they are not wanted or allowed on. This

“We’ve been hunting dogs in these parts for over hundreds of years,” says hunter Timothy Ittner, “and we got new folks moving in that want to take our rights away from us.”

No vote was held, nor will one be for awhile. Instead, they are doing a survey of land owners and hunters with education for both, but Virginia hunters say the debate is not over.


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Virginia Hunters Rally to Support Use of Hunting Dogs