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Virginia Looks to Legalize Slingshot Hunting

One Virginia lawmaker believes that there is one pivotal weapon missing from Virginia's hunting repertoire: a slingshot.

In a state subcommittee hearing recently, Del. Matt Fariss' bill to legalize slingshot hunting for small birds and animals passed through by unanimous vote.

While Virginia already allows hunting using rifles, shotguns, pistols, and bows, Fariss believes that the slingshot is the new answer in hunting. Well, except for hunting "bears, deer, elk, and turkeys" which would all be illegal to take under the slingshot allowance.

Fariss did consider dropping the larger game limitations to see if the bill would be more successful, it appears that he kept the original plan of sticking to small game animals.

As several other states do allow slingshot hunting for small animals, the Virginia bill's potential is exciting for all hunters to consider. There are not yet decisions made on what type of slingshot could be used, be it a Peter Pan-style with two sticks, or a wrist rocket that is designed to reach massive speeds.

While Virginia has moved one step closer to slingshot hunting, the word is still undecided on if the bill will advance past true state legislation, although the 5-0 passing vote does seem promising.

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Virginia Looks to Legalize Slingshot Hunting