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Vintage Fred Bear Grizzly Kill on 'The American Sportsman' [VIDEO]

Check out this awesome piece of outdoor television history, as the legendary Fred Bear stalks and kills a great grizzly bear.

For many sportsmen, "The American Sportsman" television series was the model for outdoor sports programs. Many online forums still discuss "The American Sportsman," and you will find a wide variety of fans with an affection and zeal for the old program.

The episode below is a favorite among many sportsmen, whether they saw it when it was originally broadcast, online, or via recently-released DVD sets.

Fred Bear is the father of modern bowhunting. Here, along with his friend Bill Love, he stalks and kills a grizzly bear with a bow and arrow.

Every minute of this episode is thrilling, as we can see Bear close the gap on the grizzly, give the bear a whistle, and make a perfect shot. It's also great to see even the great Fred Bear occasionally missed a shot, as he did on the same grizzly a few minutes earlier in the episode.

It's wonderful television, with equal parts drama and personality. We even get a glimpse of Davy Crockett himself - actor Fess Parker - chatting with Bear about the archer's gear early in the video.

Compared to today's outdoor sports programs, where forced and sometimes artificial drama is the norm, "The American Sportsman" seems true and honest, rather than quaint or old-fashioned. This is thanks in no small part to the sincere, heartfelt narration provided by Curt Gowdy.

Enjoy this excellent blast from the past! You may find yourself searching the Internet for more episodes of what many people regard as the best outdoor sports show ever made.

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Vintage Fred Bear Grizzly Kill on 'The American Sportsman' [VIDEO]