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Vintage AR-10 Available for Auction Is a Rare Opportunity

vintage ar-10

Ever wanted to purchase a fully automatic, vintage AR-10 rifle? Here is your chance.

One extremely rare, full automatic, fully transferable AR-10 rifle is going to be auctioned off next month by James D Julia Inc, an auction house based out of Maine that often auctions extremely rare, high dollar firearms.

Well, an original AR-10 that is fully transferable is both rare and expensive, so will fit in nicely at this auction house.

Designed by Eugene Stoner (the designer of the AR-15 rifle) as a 7.62mm battle rifle in the 1950s, the AR-10 was a candidate to replace the M-1 Garand as the US Army’s service rifle.

Even though the AR-10 was a very lightweight, accurate rifle that used a pretty advanced design at the time, the AR-10 was not selected by the US Army. A handful of other countries, such as Sudan, Guatemala, and Portugal adopted the AR-10 for use by their armies, but it never really caught on and fewer than 10,000 were produced.

Though several companies currently make semi-automatic rifles resembling the AR-10 that are chambered .308 Winchester, they are not produced using the original AR-10 design and they are not fully automatic. Not only is this an original AR-10 rifle that is being auctioned off, but it appears to be in excellent shape.

For these reasons, it is estimated that this rifle will fetch $15,000-20,000.

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Vintage AR-10 Available for Auction Is a Rare Opportunity