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Viewing the Milky Way Via Time Lapse Photography is Amazing

milky way

This footage will make you want to head out and go stargazing! 

With all the light pollution from progress these days, it's hard to find a nice dark patch of sky to really get a good look at the Milky Way. But, as this video shows, when you can find a perfect place, the view is incredibly mesmerizing!

It's a shame it's so difficult to find places to see the wonders of the galaxy these days. This footage is absolutely breathtaking and really kind of hammers home just how small you are in respect to everything else out there.

Fortunately, more and more states are developing dark sky preserves purposely for the use of star-gazing. This video is another reminder, I've been wanting to check one of those out with my camera gear for some time now. It's so hard to capture the Milky Way even here in southwest Michigan with all the extra lights around.

I could watch videos like this all day. It's just so beautiful and awe-inspiring. It really makes you want to seek out a dark, quiet place in nature to camp and where you can take it all in doesn't it?


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Viewing the Milky Way Via Time Lapse Photography is Amazing