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Veteran Ends Texas Robbery Using Concealed Carry Sidearm

Tim Kjellesvik

In Corpus Christi, an armed robber is wishing he hadn't tangled with a 69-year-old Vietnam Vet holding a concealed carry license. 

The only things the would-be robber got out of the situation was a hole in his stomach, another in his back, and a ride to the hospital. The vet's diligence in concealed carrying and decisive action may have been the only thing standing between he, his wife, and an untimely end. Get the full story from the Vet's daughter, Kristene Medina.

While national defensive gun use stats are difficult to capture and quantify, to Mr. and Mrs. Medina, this instance is the only one that matters to them. To those who would like to see concealed carry rights stripped from Americans, unless they can guarantee they can remove every gun from the street, they're only making vulnerable targets of law-abiding citizens.

Maybe they should have declared the retired couple's street a gun-free zone to prevent this attempted crime?

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Veteran Ends Texas Robbery Using Concealed Carry Sidearm