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There's a Reason Dug-In Ticks Are So Hard to Remove

Ever wondered how ticks latch on so tightly?

We love spring and summer, but there's one thing we don't love about it and that's  tick season. Nothing puts a damper on your hike or camping trip quite like that feeling of one crawling on you. Or worse, finding one with its head firmly dug into your flesh. It makes our skin crawl just thinking about it.

But, have you ever wondered why a dug-in tick is so hard to remove? Well, this video lays it all out for us. It's both disgusting and incredibly interesting at the same time.

It may even be more than we ever wanted to know.

As if we didn't have enough reasons to hate ticks already! This video is one those things that's so gross you just can't look away. We never knew that ticks only feed three times their whole lives. That does not make us feel any better about being chosen as one of their targets.

At least we now know why they're so hard to remove, and their mouths make them all the more disgusting. This also makes it clear why you should never try to burn a tick off or twist it. You do not want the mouth part to break off embedded in your flesh.

Shed hunting, hiking, camping, morel hunting and turkey hunting are all awesome ways to spend time in the outdoors, but make sure you research ahead of time and find the best ways to avoid these creatures before they latch on.

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