Fish Trap
YouTube: Survival Lilly

Survival Lilly Shows How to Make a Simple Fish Trap

Watch as survival master Lilly shows how to make a simple, but effective trap.

When it comes to a survival situation, getting a good meal is everything. For this reason, the ability to fish can one of the most handy survival skills of all if you have the gear. But the thing is, fishing can also consume a lot of time, which you might need for other things like building a fire, purifying water or constructing a shelter.

But no worries, YouTube bushcraft expert Survival Lilly has a solution: a trap.

This simple fish trap will do the fishing for you while you focus on other important tasks.

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This is a pretty slick setup. With the proper fishing technique, the setup will set the hook for you when the fish bites. If the fish is small enough, it might even pull it right out of the water for you. Just be sure to check the trap often if you don't have an alert system like Lilly set up. Some wandering animal might want to snatch your catch.

The best thing about this trap is that it requires very few tools and is very easy to remember in case you ever do need it. Knowing this trap is there working for you will allow you to work with more confidence. Having confidence and knowing how to survive is everything in a tough situation. Thanks for showing us this unique setup, Lilly!

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