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Check Out This Demo of a New, Super-Realistic Manikin for Training Military and Rescue Teams


State-of-the-art KGS Trauma FX products put manikin challenges to shame. North American Rescue announces a new partnership, and it could be really beneficial.

These manikins sure don't look like manikins. And they most certainly aren't your typical manikin either.

The videos and images look incredibly real and can be somewhat hard to look at, so I apologize. But, think about the purpose and capabilities of these products in the big picture and from a larger perspective. Military and Rescue Units are being trained and prepared with these incredible life-like units, and it could be incredibly beneficial.

I personally could never speak for what it is like being in battle or a situation like this, and certainly, no training could completely prepare you for the situations you might find yourself. But... learning on something as lifelike as the training tool in this video seems like the best alternative.

Below you can see the realism, and even the fluids somewhat squirting from the manikin's leg. It's crazy what technology can do and how we can use it for the better to help our military, service people, and rescue teams. North American Rescue announces their new partnership on Facebook and gives us a preview of what the product can do.

Below is the announcement they made and some information for you to check out.

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with KGS to offer their state-of-the-art KGS TraumaFX products. These lifelike training manikins will help prepare personnel to perform lifesaving medical procedures through realism, interactive feedback, and accurate physiology. This capability increases the likelihood of successful medical treatment when conditions are less than ideal, improving survivability. We will be the exclusive distributor for EMITT, as well as the TraumaFX Hemostatic Wound Trainer (HEMO), Multiple Amputation Trauma Trainer (MATT) and AirwayPlus Lifecast with Pulses and Breathing (APL-PB) for Police, Fire, and EMS markets throughout the U.S. and select international markets.

Interesting to say the least. Hopefully it will result in an increase of successful efforts. Just think of how much it can help police, firemen, and all those servicemen in a crucial time.

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Check Out This Demo of a New, Super-Realistic Manikin for Training Military and Rescue Teams