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Video: Man Shoots Himself in the Leg at the Shooting Range

guy shoots leg
YouTube: Uncle Rudy's Indoor Firing Range

You know this didn't feel good.

Coming out of Uncle Rudy's Indoor Firing Range in Evansville, Indiana, this video shows a man running into some issues trying to holster his weapon.

There's a reason shooting ranges are so anal when it comes to gun safety. Not only do safe shooting practices keep you safe, but they keep the shooters around you safe, too.

The shooter in this clip appears to be attempting to holster a loaded firearm, when he accidentally fired a round right into his leg.

According to the video description, he'd handled firearms his whole life and got complacent this one time. Unfortunately, it only takes once for an accident to happen.

Watch the video below:

It looks like this happened back in October 2018, but the lesson we can all take from it is timeless. In fact, the range posted the video as a training tool to shed light on what could happen by letting your guard down even for a second.

Fortunately in this particular incident, the negligent discharge didn't hurt anyone else, but he did suffer a leg wound.

It's hard to tell if he had the safety off, or if he accidentally turned if off while he was fidgeting around with the holster.

Because he knew the firearm was loaded, he should've stopped and collected himself with his finger off the trigger.

While this was clearly an honest mistake, and not an egregious one at that, it goes to show how easily something can happen when dealing with firearms. Plus, this could've been much worse had he been pulling the gun out of the holster when it discharged, for example.

For the safety of everyone at the range, make sure to always practice gun safety when handling firearms!



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Video: Man Shoots Himself in the Leg at the Shooting Range