Video: LunkersTV's 2017 Blooper Reel is a Sure-Fire Cure for the Post-Holiday Blues

Has the end of the holiday season got you feeling a little down? No worries there.

We have the solution and it's Rob, aka LunkersTV, and his 2017 outdoor blooper reel.

Most of these are fishing-related, but there's one gun and one kayak one in here, too.

Most anglers and hunters don't have that many ridiculous bloopers in a lifetime, let alone one year! How much expensive equipment can he have a hand in losing or destroying?

But as any outdoorsman or woman will tell you, sometimes the screw-ups make for the best stories around the campfire. Thanks for the fun compilation video and the laughs, Rob. We look forward to seeing how you'll top them in 2018!

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