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Here’s a 17-Point Buck We’d All Love to See Under Our Stand

This monster 17pt buck would have had me shaking like you wouldn’t believe!

These days many people are out there filming their own hunts. This challenge makes the complications of a close combat bow hunt go through the roof. I can’t imagine what was in this hunter’s mind as this huge 17-point buck came into bow range.

Watch the video below to see this hunter fight his nerves and make a great shot on this deer.

We all know the challenges that come with hunting public land. Sometimes you scout out a great area just to have a lazy hunter come walking by at 8 in them morning on opening day because he forgot to set his alarm clock. Other times you know you found the right spot, but deer end up bedding down all day due to hunting pressure. Either way, a public land whitetail like this is one is something we all dream about!

My hats are off this hunter for sure. Kept cool the whole time and somehow managed to maneuver himself and the camera without getting picked off by the deer. Awesome job.

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Here’s a 17-Point Buck We’d All Love to See Under Our Stand