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Video Game Targets Present an Awesomely Fun Shooting Challenge

Video game targets are the next level in shooting fun. These new electronic targets will definitely increase the excitement of your shooting experience.

22Plinkster is excited over these new video game targets from Autonomous Alloys. He’s got about a dozen set up at his shooting range, and he’s having a blast testing himself against the programmable LED targets.

“These targets are revolutionary to steel targets in general,” he declares, “much less to anything that I have ever seen in my entire life!”

“Now the reason why these targets were created,” he says, “was to bridge the gap between video games, training, competition, and also just the fun of plinking.”

The targets allow multiple games to be played, in multiple modes. From one shooter up to ten shooter games, and in various modes and configurations the game options are nearly limitless.

The targets are battery operated and synch up with your smartphone, where you can program them for certain games (or make up your own game) and keep track of players and targets.

The targets can also be used for extreme tactical training. The website states, “Fast-paced training scenarios to increase your threat detection, target acquisition, mag reload, and double tap skills. Advanced reporting shows double-tap split times, hit-to-fire, time/distance/number of shots per threat, total run time, and more.”

The video game targets truly are the next level in shooting fun and training excellence. If you should get any of these targets plan on spending a lot more money on ammo. You’ll just automatically want to shoot more often.

You can visit Autonomous Alloys IndieGoGo site to pre-order and learn more about these targets.

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Video Game Targets Present an Awesomely Fun Shooting Challenge