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Video Could Prove Lion Hunters are Actually Shooting Tame Animals

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News suggests lion hunters in South Africa may be going on staged trophy hunts.

All you lion hunters out there, don’t get your panties in a bunch. This article isn’t against hunting at all!

However, the BBC reported that a large number of trophy lion kills from game reserves in South Africa were actually tame animals that had just been released. In some cases, the animals were released onto the reserve as the hunters we’re landing at the airport.

Watch this video to see what is likely a “canned lion” hunt caught on film.

Ten hunters participated in this particular group, and all paid good money to shoot a lion. A videographer who was there to record the event told BBC, “Eight lionesses were released [from captivity] literally the day before the clients arrived – in fact four were released as the plane was landing just down the road.” 

While these types of hunts may not be considered legitimate by a majority of the hunting community, they do continue to provide habitat and revenue to help protect the exotic wildlife in those parts of the world. Over $70 million in hunting revenue came into South Africa last year alone. That’s good money.

There is no doubt that these types of hunts fuel the fire for anti-hunting activist groups like PETA. As a responsible hunter, I urge all you folks out there to continue to hunt and continue to educate people on the role the sport has in conservation and restoration of wildlife populations around the world.

With all the hate out there, education is our best weapon.


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Video Could Prove Lion Hunters are Actually Shooting Tame Animals