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Video: Baby Humpback Whale Saves Its Stranded Mother

humpback whale

This humpback whale is sure glad her little calf didn't give up!

This is nature at its finest. In the video below, you will notice a mother humpback whale has found herself in quite the predicament. She was found stranded on a sand bar with her small calf as her only hope.

Despite several efforts from the calf to free its mother, it was no use. Thankfully as the high tide arrived, it brought a new string of hope with it. The higher water was able to give the mom the leverage she needed to free herself from the sand.

Unfortunately, her freedom didn't last long. After the animal's nearly half-day ordeal, she became stuck yet again on another sandbar five miles from the original accident.

Researchers seem to think the mother whale may have been suffering from an illness that caused her to become stranded on the sandbars.

A back-to-back incident like this is quite unusual. According to the report, the whale was once again able to get free before the situation became life threatening.

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Video: Baby Humpback Whale Saves Its Stranded Mother