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The Awesome Moment a Little Boy Spots His Big Buck Down

Little boy is ecstatic when he spots his big buck down! And dad seems just as excited.

Harvesting your first deer is priceless. It is a memory that is forever lodged in your head. The exact location, who you were with, and all the details of the hunt stay there so you can reminisce anytime you want. This hunt will be no different for this young man and his father.

After a successful hunt and a good shot, the tracking job begins. They spot the little boy’s buck from a distance, and needless to say, the little man is pumped.

Check out the video below:

Seeing youth enjoy the outdoors like this is what it’s all about. As hunters, it is our duty to keep the traditions going for generations to come. By teaching them the correct ways and protecting the rights we enjoy so much, we can make a difference.

It is safe to say that this kid is hooked and will be an outdoorsman for the rest of his life. That reaction and smile is enough to tell us that.

Take a kid hunting.

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The Awesome Moment a Little Boy Spots His Big Buck Down