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Victorian Government to Allow Deer Control on Private Land

All photos via Facebook/Australian Deer Association Gippsland

Good news for both landowners and hunters: the Victorian government has cut red tape for deer control on private land.

Deer are an introduced species in Australia, and as their populations increase, they are increasingly encroaching on farming land, eating crops and pasture, and also posing a risk to drivers when they venture onto roads.

The issue is complicated, however; in Victoria, deer are not a declared pest species, instead being managed as a game animal.

This has hampered the control of deer on private land in the past, with an onerous process in place for those who wish to reduce deer numbers on their properties, and people who want to help out with control.

Australian Deer Association Gippsland

"Deer are protected wildlife. [In the past] when someone wanted to control problem deer on their property, they had to get an Authority to Control Wildlife," said Rob Herbert, Senior Game Officer with the Victorian Game Management Authority.

"There was a whole lot of red tape involved for a landholder wanting to control their deer. Landowners can now give strict permission to someone who is going to come out and control deer."

Herbert clarified that the new changes were designed for those wanting to control deer, as opposed to recreational hunters, and trespassing on private property was never acceptable.

"Anyone who is on your place, without your permission, with a firearm you should contract Triple 0 and speak to police," he said.

All photos via Facebook/Australian Deer Association Gippsland.

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Victorian Government to Allow Deer Control on Private Land