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Adrenaline Fishing: Vicious Topwater Bass Strikes Compilation [VIDEO]

Bass anglers agree, there are few experiences as thrilling as a vicious topwater strike by a hungry bass. Here are several to get your blood pumping.

It seems that when you're fishing topwater bass, no matter how ready you are for that explosion of water when a bass hits your lure, you're still going to react with a surprised, "Whoa!"

Topwater bass fishing is the most viscerally exciting kind of angling. The ferocity and violence that bass hit a topwater lure with is wicked fun for anglers, no doubt about it. But it's got to be downright terrifying for real live frogs, mice or ducklings when big bass attack with such shock and awe.

If you're a frog you got to be thinking, "This is a freaking horror film!"

(Yes, we're pretending that frogs can think and have seen horror movies. Just go with it.)

Here you go! If any frogs are reading this, you might want to forget watching...because you won't get to sleep tonight.

The added pelican attack in the video just makes you pity those small critters all the more. No place is safe!

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Adrenaline Fishing: Vicious Topwater Bass Strikes Compilation [VIDEO]