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Vets Remove Fishing Hook from Florida Sea Turtle’s Mouth [VIDEO]

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SeaWorld vets save a sea turtle who had a fishing hook embedded into its mouth.

Now more than ever, many sea animals are affected by careless fisherman who don’t pick up after themselves. They become entangled in fishing line, caught up in discarded nets, and even get embedded by old fishing hooks.

This sea turtle was recently rescued and brought into SeaWorld after it was found to have a fishing hook stuck in his mouth. Watch this quick video as a reminder of why all fisherman need to remember to properly pick up after ourselves.

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From the way it sounds, that sea turtle is lucky and should have the hook out soon. Hopefully he makes a speedy recovery and will get to be released back into the ocean.

Every year numerous animals die in both fresh and saltwater due to the carelessness of a fisherman or boater. We need to remember that we are only visitors to bodies of water, and that they are home to all kinds of creatures.

Everyone needs to start viewing nature as a non-renewable resource that we must care for, or it will go away. Next time you’re at your favorite fishing spot, take the time to wind up as much of the fishing line as you can if you get snagged, pick up your empty bottles and bait containers, and don’t just toss bent or broken hooks into the grass or water. Properly discard them.

You could be saving an animals life, and in the process, you are preserving the area for yourself and future sportsmen.

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Vets Remove Fishing Hook from Florida Sea Turtle’s Mouth [VIDEO]