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“The Veteran” is a New Short Film By Winchester Ammunition

Winchester Ammunition Company is celebrating their 150th anniversary this year.

In keeping with their history of honoring veterans and Americans as a whole, Winchester has released “The Veteran.”

The life of Arden Hill has intermingled with that of Winchester Ammunition for the last 92 years. This short film tells the story of a life of turkey hunting in the hills of Tennessee and the excitement that is stirred in the heart of both old and young during springtime.

‘The Veteran’ tells the story not only of a World War II veteran who saw the trauma of war, but also the desire that pulls a man into the woods during the Spring of the year.

The life of every hunter is intertwined with the history of the land they hunt and the equipment they use. It’s part of the weave of the fabric we count as our national a personal narrative.

If you enjoy the trailer, you can check out the entire video of ‘The Veteran’ here.



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“The Veteran” is a New Short Film By Winchester Ammunition