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Veteran Fired from Job for Service Dog Amidst Political Red Tape

Veteran discrimination is nothing new, but it is still outrageous. Marine Corps veteran, Shaun Kettner, was recently terminated by his employer because he needs a service dog.

Kettner depends on a service dog named Sid to help him focus and maintain control due to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). He was officially diagnosed by the Veteran’s Administration (VA).  However, even in light of the official diagnosis, his employer, L&S Electric, refused to allow him to bring Sid to work with him.

After a lot of back and forth, he recently received notification that he was being terminated. According to WTMJ-4 in Appleton, Wisconsin, the company claims that Kettner has failed to submit the proper paperwork.  Part of that paperwork must be signed by the VA which has refused to sign it due to HIPPA concerns.

Kettner is caught in bureaucratic red-tape. His employer won’t work with him to resolve the issue and the VA won’t fill out the paperwork he needs because of policy. Meanwhile, this veteran is without the means to provide for his family.

Kettner and his family hope that their troubles will help to educate the public as to the problems faced by veterans.



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Veteran Fired from Job for Service Dog Amidst Political Red Tape