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Veteran Car Salesman: 'Buy a Car, Get a Free AR-15'

A New Hampshire car dealer is offering a free AR-15 with the purchase of every vehicle.

Car shoppers in New Hampshire have an interesting new incentive for their next purchase. Mike Hagan, owner of Hagan's Motor Pool in Rochester, NH, is an Afghanistan war veteran. The combat vet is offering a free AR-15 to shoppers that purchase a vehicle from his lot.

Partnering with a local gun shop, Hagan signs paperwork on the vehicle with the new owner prior to sending them offsite for the firearm. The new car owners arrive at the gun store, pick out an AR-15, and your typical gun shop transaction occurs, except for the fact that Hagan and his car dealership cover the bill. The would-be gun owner must still pass a thorough background check before being able to obtain the new firearm.

Not in the mood for an AR-15? That's OK. Hagan is also offering a Smith & Wesson SD9 VE 9mm handgun as a possible substitute. The same rules apply for either option. The buyer must complete the purchase of the vehicle and pass a background check at the gun shop before the gun transfer will be allowed. Still not interested? Not to worry. Hagan is also willing to reduce the price the vehicle if would-be buyers have no desire to receive a free firearm.

When asked in an interview, Hagan argues that, in the wrong hands, the vehicle could be just as deadly as the firearm. Prompted by the question of whether or not he's concerned one of the weapons from his promotion could end up ending the lives of civilians, Hagan responded by saying, "I could worry about the same thing with a car being used to hurt other people. In the end that kind of heinous of crime is in the heart." So far the offer seems to be a hit.

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Veteran Car Salesman: 'Buy a Car, Get a Free AR-15'