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Vermont Moving to Ban Drone Hunting


Legislation is being drafted in Vermont to ban drone hunting.

Vermont is considering a law that would ban hunters from using drones to scout for or herd game animals, says a report from Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that can be controlled by remote from the ground. They can be equipped with camera technology that allows the pilot to see images of the ground while flying at altitude.US-HUNTING-TEAM-mrec

In the case of drone-assisted hunting, sportsmen could use the images to spot game animals from far away, and determine their best approach towards harvesting them.

Hunters in Vermont helped petition the wildlife officials to start drafting regulations that would ban the use of drones back in early 2014. Official public hearings will begin on October 21st, 2014 and a state wildlife agency review will follow in December. The drone ban is slated to be voted on by lawmakers in January of 2015.

Drone hunting has become a controversial issue in recent history because hunters and wildlife advocates nationwide feel that it gives users an unfair advantage. While it is not an issue in Vermont currently hunters and conservationists want to allow banning to take effect before drone hunting becomes an issue for wildlife officials. Colorado and six other states have already or are currently working on legislation to ban drone hunting.

Vermont hunters expressed that they believe this style of hunting is against Vermont’s hunting tradition and fair chase values that are taught within the state. The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife has already received a large amount of positive feedback from the public that are in support of the ban.

Only time will tell if drone hunting becomes a practice in Vermont and across the United States.

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Vermont Moving to Ban Drone Hunting