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Incredible Vermont Moose Record Broken by Female Bowhunter [PICS]

There's a new Vermont moose record in town, and this lady earned it with a beautiful arrow. 

For many hunters across the United States, taking a moose with a bow ranks somewhere near the top of a short list of dream hunts. The adrenaline that surges before the arrow is released at a giant moose standing within range has to be an experience that few have experienced, but none of them will ever forget.

In the story of Tammy Miller and her Vermont moose record, nothing could be more true.

Miller was hunting with her husband Eric when she arrowed a 931-pound bull moose with an antler spread of 53.75 inches.

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"After being in the area for a few minutes Friday morning, we heard the bull raking branches not far away, but it seemed to be moving away," said Tammy Miller. "Eric raked some nearby branches with a moose scapula and called by mouth to imitate another bull moose. Fifteen minutes later the bull appeared about 15 yards away, presenting a nice shot."

This giant Vermont moose record beat the old record weight of 919 pounds with a little room to spare.

Congrats Tammy, that's an accomplishment to last a lifetime!

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Incredible Vermont Moose Record Broken by Female Bowhunter [PICS]