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Vermont Bow Fisherman Bags State’s Biggest Fish

One Vermont bow fisherman now has the ultimate fishing bragging rights in his state.

On May 20, bow fisherman Darren Oulette took a common carp that’s both a state record for carp and also the heaviest fish, of any species, on record in Vermont.

The Mountain Times reports Oulette caught the huge carp while bow fishing on southern Lake Champlain. After connecting an arrow with his compound bow, Oulette spent 20 minutes reeling in the fish.

“I knew it was a pretty big fish when I first saw it, but I didn’t think it was as big as it turned out to be,” said Oulette.

Big is an understatement – the carp weighed 44-pounds and 6-ounces.

According to state Fish and Wildlife biologist Shawn Good, common carp in Lake Champlain weigh on average 20-plus pounds.

Any angler who’s fished for carp knows they put up a challenging fight when hooked.

“Who wouldn’t want to hook a 20-pound fish that fights like that?” Good told the Mountain Times. “You may never fish for trout or bass again.” 

Oulette’s catch wasn’t the only Northeastern bow fisherman to take state record carp taken in May.

New Jersey bow fisherman Adam Faatz bagged a 45-pound, 6-ounce common carp on May 19 while fishing on a lake near the New York State border. Faatz’s catch is now the official state record carp.


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Vermont Bow Fisherman Bags State’s Biggest Fish