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Venomous Sea Snake Battles Deadly Fish! [PICS]

sea snake
Images via BBC/Rick Trippe

Both the sea snake and the stonefish are highly venomous. When they battle each other, which one will emerge victorious?

Australian spearfisherman Rick Trippe was diving on a WWII wreck in Darwin Harbor, Australia when he came across the epic confrontation.

He carefully (crazily?) grabbed the sea snake behind its head and removed both combatants from the water.

snake vs stonefish

After snapping a picture, Mr. Trippe then released the creatures, where the sea snake resumed its attack on the stonefish. Eventually, the snake won out.

Sea snakes are notoriously venomous, but toxins released from the stonefish’s spines can be deadly to humans. This matchup could have easily ended the other way around.

Mr. Trippe has a knack for finding strange animals on his adventures; just two weeks prior, he was part of a group of people to rescue a stranded horse from the same harbor.

horse rescue

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Venomous Sea Snake Battles Deadly Fish! [PICS]