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‘Venom Man’ Lets The World’s Deadliest Snakes Bite Him for Science

“Venom Man” is 37-year-old Tim Friede and he claims to be immune to the world’s deadliest snake bites.

160 bites and 16 years years later, “Venom Man” has established himself as a guy who can take numerous bites from the world’s deadliest snakes and require zero medicine.

Watch this video and get a look into the life of the “Venom Man,” a guy who knows what he can take and how to handle the effects.

Hailing from Wisconsin, the “Venom Man” was been injecting himself with controlled amounts of venom for 16 years. It fair to says he’s probably the only one who can take a bites from a taipan and a black mamba back-to-back with out dying. His method, in case you missed it, is to slowly build up an immunity to venom by injecting himself with increasingly potent doses of snake venom.

According to Bancroft TV, “Despite the controversial nature of his experiments Tim does have some backing from the scientific community. Dr Brian Hanley, a PhD Microbiologist from the University of California, says a test suggests Tim now has twice the number of antibodies and hopes his company Butterfly Sciences will help him develop his vaccine and find investors to get it into the field.”

It’s nice to know that someone out there is doing their part to combat snake-related deaths, but aren’t you glad it’s not you? Although this obsession, has cost Tim his marriage and his health he’s doing it for a good cause.


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‘Venom Man’ Lets The World’s Deadliest Snakes Bite Him for Science