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Venison Ravioli with Morel Mushroom Sauce

venison ravioli

Thankfully, venison ravioli is a real thing. 

If you are ever in a kitchen rut and not quite sure what to cook, this recipe will do the trick. As you are about to see, this recipe does involve some prep work and a little bit of skill. Perhaps with a little bit of luck, you will hit a home run on your first attempt; however, it may take a couple attempts, and it's worth it.

One thing is for sure, even the "mess up" attempts will probably taste pretty dang good.

The Missouri Department of Conservation has been putting out recipes like this for a while. Venison ravioli is just a small taste of what they have in store on their channel.

So yeah, that looks pretty much awesome. This recipe will definitely be given a go sooner rather than later in my house.

Deer season is in full swing and it's time for all us deer hunters to get out there and get our year's supply of meat. When you do, make sure this recipe is bookmarked so you can come back for it later.

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Venison Ravioli with Morel Mushroom Sauce