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Venison Lunch Ideas: How To Make Quick and Easy Meals

These quick venison lunch ideas will have you eating wild game faster than you thought possible.

There are so many different recipes that can be made with deer meat: hearty venison stews, soups, and roasts; succulent steaks and burgers; filling pasta dishes with venison pieces adding a delicious meaty twists; even tomato pasta sauces where venison serves as a substitute for ground beef or sausage.

However, the truth is that most venison recipes are full-course dinner entrees, not lunch recipes that can be prepared, eaten, and enjoyed in 30 minutes or less.

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Most of us, even when we have a freezer full of venison at our disposal, would be more likely to slap some lunchmeat and cheese between two pieces of bread and call it a sandwich than we would to cook up a slab of venison.

However, just because deer meat has a reputation as a hearty wintertime dinner meal doesn't mean that it can't serve wonderfully as an ingredient to lunches as well. On the contrary, there are a ton of terrific sandwiches, wraps, and even salads that can serve perfectly as venison-centered lunch options.

If you want something a bit more adventurous to take to work for your lunch hour or to prepare for friends during a gathering like the Super Bowl, the following options are particularly delicious.

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Sandwiches: Sandwiches are a wonderfully free-form lunch meal, and you can frankly put pretty much whatever strikes your fancy on them and still get great results. While turkey and ham are generally the most popular lunchmeats, you can easily substitute them with venison for a new twist on your favorite sandwich. Start by grilling a small venison steak until it is cooked through. You'll want to slice it as thin as you can so that it most closely mimics other types of lunchmeat, but after that it will be ready to go.

What type of sandwich you make and what type of bread you use (sub bun, burger bun, Kaiser role, etc.) is up to you, as are the ingredients. Venison sandwiches work especially well with lightly toasted bread, Colby or cheddar cheese, sautéed onions, peppers, or mushrooms, and some type of berry preserves if you want something sweet to compliment the savory taste of the meat.

For an especially tasty venison sandwich, consider smoking and peppering a backstrap. It will preserve the meat and make it last for a long time, and creates a delicious sandwich.

Condiments for venison sandwiches will also vary depending on your taste, but we like anything from roasted pepper hummus to spicy mayo to jerk sauce. Regardless of what you pick, toss some potato chips and a pickle on the plate as side dishes, and you will have a veritable restaurant quality lunch feast waiting for you!

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Fajitas: If you are looking to get a bit more adventurous than a simple sandwich for lunch, then venison can serve wonderfully as the meat ingredient in fajitas. As long as you have the foresight to marinade your meat ahead of time, this meal is an easy one for lunch.

In the morning, grab a venison steak, slice it into thin pieces, and toss it into a bag with your favorite venison seasonings or with vinegar, salt, pepper, and cayenne. Leave the meat in the marinade for a few hours until you are ready for lunchtime.

Then, sauté some peppers and onions, stir fry the marinated meat in heated cooking oil until it is cooked through, and then enjoy. Spoon the mixture over tortillas and add cheese and your favorite salsa for a well-rounded twist on this Mexican favorite.

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Venison Lunch Ideas: How To Make Quick and Easy Meals