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Venison Hot Beer Sausage Recipe

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Venison hot beer sausage is a favorite. Try to make it homemade!

Making venison beer sausage is a great use of deer meat, and is a great learning experience. You’ll definitely taste the difference from store-bought sausage. venison-mrec

The hot beer seasoning adds the perfect touch to a harvested buck or doe, and the appetizer (or full meal!) just disappears from the plate.

Venison Hot Beer Sausage


  • 50 pounds ground venison (grind everything but the backstrap and tenderloin)
    • For best results, grind twice
  • 50 pounds ground pork (boneless pork butt is best and cheapest)
  • 4 bags hot beer seasoning from Michlitchs (25 pound bags)
  • 2 casing natural hog 32/35 full hank (you will have extra, but better to have more than not enough)
  • 4 all purpose lug meat totes (good for at least 25 pounds ground meat each)
  • Large smoker (I prefer the Bradley 4-rack smoker)
  • Meat thermometer
  • Hickory bisquettes (chips or wood planks work well too)
  • Vacuum sealer


Before you begin the process of combining ingredients, be sure that your smoker is turned on and ready for the sausage. The ideal heat of a smoker is 150 degrees. This will be a continuous task, so don’t rush smoking the meat after filling casings.

In one large, all purpose tub, add 25 pounds of ground venison. In another large all purpose tub, add 25 pounds of ground pork. If you have a larger tub that’ll hold at least 50 pounds, you can combine the two meats. After combining the meats (venison and pork), mix thoroughly with rubber gloves. I do this by hand, but an electric mixer is ideal.

After the mixture is complete and thorough, add 2 bags of hot beer seasoning and mix thoroughly. This seasoning is very hot and will burn your hands, so I suggest using rubber gloves. Take the extra time to mix well. If you don’t mix well, some of the sausage will be hotter than others.

Using your grinder/stuffer, proceed with inserting the hog casings onto the appropriate stuffer attachment. You should have one for summer sausage, pepperoni, and sausage casings. For best results, allow the hog casings to soak in room temperature water for at least 10 minutes before inserting onto stuffer attachment.

I use an old stuffer from the 1950s with a manual handle, but you will be fine with your grinder/stuffer combo.

Turn the grinder/stuffer on and feed it with the mixed spiced meat. Depending on your liking, twist the casings accordingly when you feel comfortable with the size. Be sure to fill the casing as much as possible without bursting. I like making large rings of sausage, which look like a snail.  This makes for easier preparation and cooking on the grill. Plus, it’s best for large social events.

After you get your perfect size, cut the casing off and twist multiple times.  The twist will keep the meat from leaking out of the ends. Some people prefer to tie, but I just twist multiple times.

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After you have enough to fill the racks of your smoker, place on the smoker trays and smoke at 150 degrees until the internal temperature is between 125-130 degrees. Don’t forget to turn the smoke on! Depending on your smoker, this typically takes 25-30 minutes. Insert the meat thermometer to check for temperature.

Upon completion of all meat being stuffed and smoked, use your vacuum sealer and seal each package accordingly. Place fresh sausage in freezer immediately.

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This sausage is best suited with a homemade mustard. It is one of my family and friends’ favorite appetizers when they come to my house.  They also make great Christmas gifts.

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Venison Hot Beer Sausage Recipe