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Velvet Footage Will Get You Pumped for Deer Season

Red velvet cake is delicious, but I’ll take big velvet bucks over it any day of the week. The boys from Team Radical spend many hours in the outdoors, and consistently kill big deer year in and year out.

Some of that success has to be linked up to the amount of time they spend preparing food plots and scouting deer year round. They catch some of the best early season velvet footage you will find.

This video has some studs roaming the bean plots they have planted. This footage is actually of deer from 2015. Because of the scouting hours and knowledge they learned of this buck in velvet, a member of their team was able to harvest the buck in the video with the drop tine.

Bucks in velvet is a sure sign that deer season is very close. Watching the velvet horns grow is a blast and many head out in search of some great footage.

Mature deer find their way out to feed in daylight this time of year and provide a great opportunity to find out what deer live around your property. Come season, they will not be so easy to find.

Grab a camera, film some deer, find your target buck, and get jacked for deer season!


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Velvet Footage Will Get You Pumped for Deer Season