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See Some Growing Velvet Bucks on Instagram [PICS]

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Deer season and the rut is months away, but these velvet bucks are getting ready!

Some of the best deer hunters in North America have had their trail cameras out for months already. Just like with professional athletes, there is no offseason anymore. If you are one of those with cameras out, then I would bet you a large sum of money you are seeing pictures of velvet bucks growing their antlers while getting ready for the fall bonanza.

The following pictures are taken from accounts all over Instagram using the hashtag #trailcam in tagged photos. Be sure to tag your velvet bucks with that hashtag so we can keep the excitement going all summer long.

Keep checking back as we watch these, and other bucks, grow until opening day when we will hopefully get to see some of these guys in person.

Here are a couple future giants from scales_and_skulls.


 apoutdoors might be setting up on this guy opening day.

thenorthernfox is ready for bow season.

Hey iyfo2012! How big will this buck get?

njmoto811 is going to be dealing with a big split brow.

How about this cool photo from isitseptemberyet?

I think team_radical is looking forward to this guy.

living_wild_id says elk are a part of this too!

Wow! themonsterbuck reminds us of what is to come.

premium_paracord_designs is taking this personal.

So let’s seem them! Remember to use the hashtag #trailcam to tag your velvet buck pictures, and maybe we’ll do another post to show off some more antler growth over the course of the summer.

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See Some Growing Velvet Bucks on Instagram [PICS]