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The ‘Varminators’ Best Hunts of 2014 [VIDEO]

The Team Wild program ‘Varminators’ is a series about extreme pest removal in the United Kingdom. This video compiles their best hunts of 2014. 

After spending an entire year helping to rid landowners and farmers of pesky pests, the “Varminators” have complied their best hunts of 2014.

Check out this great collection of hunts from across the pond.

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Between the rabbits on the farm, the fox near the petting zoo, crows in the crops and the pigeons in the barn, it’s hard to say which hunt looked the most exciting. All of them did have one thing in common: the “Varminators” won.

The “Varminators” aims to be the “best pest control series on the web,” and one can only wait and see how 2015 turns out.

Check out more from Team Wild TV here.

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The ‘Varminators’ Best Hunts of 2014 [VIDEO]