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Vanish Spa: The Ultimate Outdoorsman’s Hot Tub [VIDEO]

If you want to relax in a hot tub after a hard day of hunting, you need to check out the Vanish Spa.

We all know how tough hunting can be on your body. From well before sunrise until dark, hiking, stalking and sitting in a stand all add up to sore muscles and joints.

The Vanish Spa is here to help solve that problem. The Vanish Spa is perfect for working out all your sore bits after a long day’s hunt, and is an ideal ending to a date night with your special someone. And because the Vanish Spa is portable, you can actually use it for both.

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The Vanish Spa looks like a winner to me. It seems simple to set up, it comes in a wide variety of color options and it is portable. The only problem I see is that the Vanish Spa does take awhile to heat up, roughly eight to 12 hours, depending on the temperature of the water you add to it. So for a one-day jaunt to deer camp, you should probably just leave the Vanish Spa at home.

Vanish Spa has also teamed up with the guys at Duck Commander and Buck Commander, and if it is good enough to help that bunch relax, it should be good enough for us.

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Vanish Spa: The Ultimate Outdoorsman’s Hot Tub [VIDEO]