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The Vampire Hunter's Colt Detective .38 Special [PICS]

NRA Museums

This unique .38 special is the ideal weapon for any vampire hunter.

There's a lot of unique guns in the National Firearms Association Museums, but none quite like this Colt Special Detective. Handcrafted by Colt Master Engraver Leonard Francolini, this vampire hunter Colt features intricate sterling silver carvings, a one-piece ebony stock, and a coffin-shaped case equipped loaded with all the vampire hunting essentials. The craftsmanship on this gun is remarkable. The devil is in the details.

The cylinder's flutes feature carvings of resting bats. 



The cross carved into the muzzle is sure to stop any vampire dead in its tracks. 


The gun's coffin-shaped case includes a holy water pouch (the oil drum), a wooden stick (the cleaning rod), and six silver bullets.



The bullets have vampire faces and they're all arranged in a crucifix pattern.


Note the silver bat carvings on the ebony grip. They signify the pistol's two successful vampire kills.



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Images: NRA Museums

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The Vampire Hunter's Colt Detective .38 Special [PICS]